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Sevensevensports are pioneers of FREEFALL BAGJUMP entertainment, providing immersive entertainment to Festivals, Expos, Motorshows, Concerts and more across Several African countries.

The FREEFALL BAGJUMP is open to all members of the public, offering everyone the chance to be a stuntperson for the day with completely untethered jumps from 10ft to 60ft.

Our Jumps are professionally operated by our friendly staff and are supplied with a PA System and live commentary.

Sevensevensports also offer a World Record live stuntshow which runs for 30minutes in duration which features a gigantic bicycle Jump show, using a Motocross Bike to tow in to huge distances and heights.

All revenue is collected by the host of each Jump, where spectators often look forward to the annual attraction – making the jumps at great way to earn revenue at any show and event.

Find out about franchise and agency opportunities in your country or city by reaching us on our details below.

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